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Crazy Flight Attendants

The airline industry is taking a turn for the worst. It’s something we probably all know by now, with the increasing oil prices and the shutting down of many an airline company. It’s not just the company that’s feeling the heat, but also the people who work for it. They’re no longer guaranteed to have a job six months from now. Maybe that’s why the flight attendants are getting a little loopy these days.

There’s a recent story about a flight attendant who, angry with his work, started a fire in the plane’s bathroom. Nobody was hurt, and the man is likely to be sentenced for 20 years. He said that he was mad at his current route, and originally planned to light up the paper towels in passenger’s faces.

Another tale I know, from a long way back, is where a poor passenger almost died. The attendant was in a bad mood and had put certain over-the-counter drugs she had snuck aboard in a rather cranky passenger’s food. The passenger reacted very badly to the drugs and went into shock. It was quick thinking from the other attendants that saved his life.

Maybe the airlines should invest in a shrink for these guys. We can’t have employees as possible threats to the passengers now, can we?

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4 Great Surf Spots You Never Knew

I love surfing, I really do. The entire experience is truly exciting, from getting into the water to riding that big wave, giving that heart-pounding thrill. I’ve been to plenty of beaches and pools to practice my surfing skills, and I relish each and every wave I get on. However, sometimes there are just too many people in those places, and this could mess up your training. Have no fear! I’ll tell you about the little places people don’t go to most of the time, the places where you can surf in relative seclusion. Some of these places are just starting to get attention, so ride the waves there while you can! Note that I won’t list the exact spots, because then it wouldn’t be a secret.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii – Yeah, I know, Hawaii has been surfed to death. You’d be hard-pressed to find a secluded beach at any point in the day! Don’t be discouraged, though. Why would I put this here if there wasn’t a surf spot? A little ways off from downtown, you can find this beach if you look a bit. You have to trek a bit of dangerous path to get there. The waves aren’t packing all the time, but when they do pick up, it’s a great place to get some surfing done. Hardly knows about this place, so no asking the locals!

2. Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, Philippines – This spot in this island country is a well-kept secret. And for good reason! Despite a popular spot for surfing competitions, it’s hard to even get there, with the trip being five or so hours from the nearest airport. Siargao also overshadows this spot, being the country’s top surf destination. The place should be relatively empty of people. There are ten surfing grounds there, so you can change destinations if the spot you are in is too crowded for you. The locals are also very friendly and hospitable. Go there from November to January for the best waves. Just don’t expect a five-star hotel to stay in. This is a remote town after all.

3. Oahu, Hawaii – Yeah, another Hawaii place. East of Oahu is a beach with great, clean waves, and is hardly inhabited! Like the others, getting there can be challenge but should not deter the determined surfer. You are awarded with regular waves upon arrival, and should give you quite a workout. Summer is the best time to surf here because of the improved waves, and also because everyone else is going to the crowded spots!

4. Lake Michigan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Specifically, “The Elbow”. Only the bravest surfers dare come here. The water is freezing cold! Ice is also in the water, plus there needs to be a storm nearby to create the best waves. Dangerous, yes, but this stops normal people from surfing here. Are you a real man? Take the challenge!

Personally, I prefer to surf with a good amount of people, but if flying solo is your thing, these spots will hit the spot! What other surf places can you recommend to us?

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4 Tips For New Cruisers

So you’re taking your very first cruise. There’s no need to be nervous! It’s easy to get the most out of your cruise, with a little planning and strategy. Here are the tips I use personally!

1. Carry enough cash. Many things with your cruise package are free, but many are not. You’ll need a bit extra if you want to get soda, use the spa, surf the net or eat at the more upscale dining establishments. More if you like the casino! You can probably jump in the pool for free though.

2. Plan ahead. Learn about the ship, what’s on the ship, and where it’s stopping. I use this if I want to plan out my days on the cruise so I can do everything I want to do. Get off near a resort if you want!

3. Don’t pack too much. Some cruises have washing machines on board. Use them! No need to bring too many clothes if you can wash. Be sure to put away your stuff too, so it won’t be crowded in your room.

4. Try new things. Some cruise ships have things like high diving platforms or rock climbing. Why not try them?

What tips do you know for first-timers? Share them with us!

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5 Ways To Keep Your Cruise Girlfriend

This is sort of a continuation of my earlier post about picking up girls on a cruise. So, you finally got her, hopefully thanks to my advice. Turns out she’s a keeper! Now you’re wondering, how do I make a relationship like this last? I mean, I met her on a cruise! If you think she is interested, and you have confirmed that she is unattached, it’s time for you to make your move. What can you do? Here’s my advice!

1. Get her contact details. If you haven’t done this on the cruise, maybe you should quit. Even a phone number is handy! If she is willing to part with it, get her address too. If she does, that means she is at least interested in being friends with you. Seize that opportunity!

2. Use those contact details! This is supposed to be a no-brainer, but some people are too hesitant to do it. If you have her number, drop a line! If you have her address, send a letter. Don’t hesitate too much because of the phone bills; this is a prospective life partner we’re talking about here! This is the turning point. This is where you figure out if she is interested, if she is not, or if she is married! Not the last one hopefully. That will get messy.

3. Go on trips together. Since you have her number, maybe you can arrange the two of you arriving at the same destination or boarding the same cruise ship? Even better if you somehow win a free trip and invite her along! It is a gesture that tells people that they are important to you that you would share your blessings with them. Trust me, you and her will appreciate it better than your grumpy neighbors, your cranky mother-in-law, or your loud sister. (Sorry, sis.)

4. Give her a reminder. When you do meet up, make sure you have a gift on hand so she will think of you. Cruise relationships are long distance more often than not, so these little reminders are important. Try to get an appropriate one; no temporary gifts like chocolate or flowers. A souvenir from the place you two have spent time in is a great idea. Make sure to give it at the right time, too.

5. You must be sincere. This is probably the most important thing of all. Whatever you do, whether invite her to a trip, giving her that souvenir, or just plain chitchat, be sincere. More and more stories are popping up about men who use women in cruise romances. Make sure she can feel that you’re genuinely interested in her, not just her wallet or her body!

With these tips, you’re sure to make that shaky relationship stand on more solid ground. Love knows no boundaries, even distance, and it’s up to you to prove it! If it doesn’t work out, don’t despair, there are more chances. People have gotten together on cruises. You can too! Any experiences you like to share?

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3 Surfs You Should Avoid

I love surfing, really I do, but there are times when it’s best not to. All surfers should be aware what waves are exciting enough and what will tear you apart…in a bad way. Don’t be a casualty. Knowledge is power! What are these fearsome ocean movements?

1. Waves – It may sound tame, but waves can have you eating jagged rock if you’re not careful. Judge what waves you can handle, and try and see if you’ll end up on a beach instead of being smacked on a cliffside! By extension, rocks are also a dangerous condition.

2. Rip Current – This happens when water suddenly shifts swiftly back to the ocean with enough force for a strong pull. Many surfers have been injured or killed because of this current. Don’t panic if you get caught. Swim parallel to the shore until the pull stops, then swim back.

3. Shore Break – When waves break on the shore directly, that is a shore break. This powerful force slams the swimmer or surfer on the beach, causing injury, even to conditioned people. Avoid at all costs.

There are other conditions, but these three are the riskiest in my experience. What dangers do you know?

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Trading Houses?

I’ve heard of a website called Home Exchange that allows your family to visit other countries…for free. Catch is, the other family has to stay in your house. You basically trade houses for a few days or weeks.

It takes trust to do that, and so far they seem to be doing well. Neighbors even help the new family settle in and even guide them to good spots in the area! With costs increasing, this is a great way for a family to take a vacation.

I don’t have kids just yet, but my neighbors do, and I will tell them about it sometime soon. This is a great idea! Don’t hesitate. People are of course skeptical at first, letting total strangers into their houses, but like I said, trust is a thing you must learn. Trust the other family to take care of your home, just as they trust you to take care of theirs. Being honest is important.

This may just lead your family to a great vacation, with much less cost! Wonder if there are single person to single person exchanges as well? I may try it out someday. What are your thoughts on this?

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5 Cruise Pickup Tips

I’m on a roll with cruises! Remembering my short romance made me remember the techniques I used to get a female companion while on a cruise. I’m no smooth operator, but these seem to work for me. If you’re going to be stuck on one alone, it’s really better if you get someone to hang out with and talk to, even if it’s non-romantic. Who knows? You might find the one for you on a cruise with these tips!

1. Breathe confidence. Sure, some girls like the shy, hesitant type, but you can’t really sense that right away. For most girls, the most important thing is confidence. Many women respond positively to it. Smile. Stand tall and move tall. Use confident strides. When trying to pick up a girl, act confident, but not too confident, lest you seem arrogant. She has to feel that you’re sure she’ll talk to you, and if you don’t, big deal. If she rejects, take it with grace and exit with your head held high.

2. Pickup lines? Who needs them? Unless you have an especially creative line that’s sure to work, don’t use them. They don’t work more often than not. Rely on more situational circumstances where those lines will actually work. Speaking of which…

3. Use terrain to your advantage. There are lots of ways to start a conversation. A great way to do this is when someone’s outside, on deck. If she’s leaning over the guardrail, enjoy the view too before approaching her. If she’s relaxing on the recliner, get her a cool drink if she runs out. If she’s tanning, don’t offer to put lotion unless you have enough balls! If you’re in a bar, standard bar rules apply. Are you in the buffet? Ask her if you can sit next to her or opposite her. Be sure she’s relaxed enough to accept your offer!

4. Talk about travel. Since you’re both on a cruise, use that as an opening line. Ask them if they’re enjoying themselves. Ask them if they go often. If both of you are cruise regulars, exchange travel experiences. I’ve met quite a few friends this way! Fellow travelers love to tell stories, so take advantage of that. Be sure to let her speak, too! And remember to talk to her face, not to her chest.

5. Know when to back off. It may be hard at first, but you should sense when the woman doesn’t want to talk to you any longer. When you see her look at her watch often when you’re talking, try to end the conversation. Watch out if she’s bored or unamused. Try to read her! If you leave without damaging your confidence, it will be easier to try for the next girl.

I’m not really a player, but I always look for a companion on a cruise, friend or more. It adds to the experience and enjoyment, since you meet someone new. How about you? What stuff works on a cruise?

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