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4 Great Surf Spots You Never Knew

I love surfing, I really do. The entire experience is truly exciting, from getting into the water to riding that big wave, giving that heart-pounding thrill. I’ve been to plenty of beaches and pools to practice my surfing skills, and I relish each and every wave I get on. However, sometimes there are just too many people in those places, and this could mess up your training. Have no fear! I’ll tell you about the little places people don’t go to most of the time, the places where you can surf in relative seclusion. Some of these places are just starting to get attention, so ride the waves there while you can! Note that I won’t list the exact spots, because then it wouldn’t be a secret.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii – Yeah, I know, Hawaii has been surfed to death. You’d be hard-pressed to find a secluded beach at any point in the day! Don’t be discouraged, though. Why would I put this here if there wasn’t a surf spot? A little ways off from downtown, you can find this beach if you look a bit. You have to trek a bit of dangerous path to get there. The waves aren’t packing all the time, but when they do pick up, it’s a great place to get some surfing done. Hardly knows about this place, so no asking the locals!

2. Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, Philippines – This spot in this island country is a well-kept secret. And for good reason! Despite a popular spot for surfing competitions, it’s hard to even get there, with the trip being five or so hours from the nearest airport. Siargao also overshadows this spot, being the country’s top surf destination. The place should be relatively empty of people. There are ten surfing grounds there, so you can change destinations if the spot you are in is too crowded for you. The locals are also very friendly and hospitable. Go there from November to January for the best waves. Just don’t expect a five-star hotel to stay in. This is a remote town after all.

3. Oahu, Hawaii – Yeah, another Hawaii place. East of Oahu is a beach with great, clean waves, and is hardly inhabited! Like the others, getting there can be challenge but should not deter the determined surfer. You are awarded with regular waves upon arrival, and should give you quite a workout. Summer is the best time to surf here because of the improved waves, and also because everyone else is going to the crowded spots!

4. Lake Michigan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Specifically, “The Elbow”. Only the bravest surfers dare come here. The water is freezing cold! Ice is also in the water, plus there needs to be a storm nearby to create the best waves. Dangerous, yes, but this stops normal people from surfing here. Are you a real man? Take the challenge!

Personally, I prefer to surf with a good amount of people, but if flying solo is your thing, these spots will hit the spot! What other surf places can you recommend to us?

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3 Surfs You Should Avoid

I love surfing, really I do, but there are times when it’s best not to. All surfers should be aware what waves are exciting enough and what will tear you apart…in a bad way. Don’t be a casualty. Knowledge is power! What are these fearsome ocean movements?

1. Waves – It may sound tame, but waves can have you eating jagged rock if you’re not careful. Judge what waves you can handle, and try and see if you’ll end up on a beach instead of being smacked on a cliffside! By extension, rocks are also a dangerous condition.

2. Rip Current – This happens when water suddenly shifts swiftly back to the ocean with enough force for a strong pull. Many surfers have been injured or killed because of this current. Don’t panic if you get caught. Swim parallel to the shore until the pull stops, then swim back.

3. Shore Break – When waves break on the shore directly, that is a shore break. This powerful force slams the swimmer or surfer on the beach, causing injury, even to conditioned people. Avoid at all costs.

There are other conditions, but these three are the riskiest in my experience. What dangers do you know?

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My Top 5 Beach Babe Movies

I’ve got surfing on the mind again! I feel like heading off to Bali for a good holiday and surf, but alas, work and obligations force my feet to stay grounded in the good ole USA. So I thought of maybe rounding up some of my favorite beach movies would make me feel momentarily better.

These top my list!:

1. Blue Crush- Who cares if it’s a chick flick? It’s girls running around in bikinis and surf boards!- My Idea of heaven!

2.Baywatch- Ok ok, it’s not technically a movie but hot lifeguards more than make up for it being not!!! I can watch CJ run up and down the beach all day!

3. The Beach- I always envision myself just running away and living on a deserted beach! A girl who looks like Virginie by my side would not hurt either :p

4. 50 First Dates- Adam Sandler is a hoot. And the gorgeous Drew Barrymore is my idea of a girl with some meat ! 🙂

5. Charlie’s Angels: Full throttle- Again, Not technically a beach movie, but who can forget the scene where Cameron and Demi are surfing?!

If you haven’t see these movies, you’re definitely missing out! They’re a pretty good way to while a lazy afternoon! So until I manage to head down for a vacation, these will have to do!

Do you know a good beach movie that I’m missing out on? Spill the beans! 🙂

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Surf’s up: 5 random surf spots

I had nothing to do all afternoon, I was bored and during really slow times the mind tends to think about more interesting things. What was on my mind the whole time, was what to do this summer. Then it occurred to me… Learn how to SURF! thats right! Surfing! being stuck to a board and riding waves!

Hmm but where am I going to learn? I don’t want to go to any old boring place. I want to go somewhere different and some place interesting. So using my Google magic, I tried to find some interesting surfing spots around the globe. This search brought me to a great site called, This site had some great surfing locations and had details about the terrain, amazing pictures and what times of the year have the best conditions.

So after perusing this site for a while, here is my list of five random surfing spots:

1. Avalanche, South Africa: This spot is extra intense as it is a well-known fact that o many sharks roam S. Africa’s open waters!2. Canngu, Indonesia: There’s more to Bali than a laid-back vacation, there are awesome surf spots for the adventurous too!3. Stimpy’s, Philippines: Tucked away in the Southern Philippines is this spot. It’s slowly becoming more and more popular as surf afficionados find easier ways to get there.4. Veules les Roses, France: Who knew that the formal French have a love for surfing too?!5. Campeche Rights, Brazil: Not only do they Brazilians know how to dance, they apparently know how to surf too!

And there you have it. My top picks for awesome surf spots. I better get in touch with a travel agent because I definitely want to hit these places up soon!

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