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5 Ways To Keep Your Cruise Girlfriend

This is sort of a continuation of my earlier post about picking up girls on a cruise. So, you finally got her, hopefully thanks to my advice. Turns out she’s a keeper! Now you’re wondering, how do I make a relationship like this last? I mean, I met her on a cruise! If you think she is interested, and you have confirmed that she is unattached, it’s time for you to make your move. What can you do? Here’s my advice!

1. Get her contact details. If you haven’t done this on the cruise, maybe you should quit. Even a phone number is handy! If she is willing to part with it, get her address too. If she does, that means she is at least interested in being friends with you. Seize that opportunity!

2. Use those contact details! This is supposed to be a no-brainer, but some people are too hesitant to do it. If you have her number, drop a line! If you have her address, send a letter. Don’t hesitate too much because of the phone bills; this is a prospective life partner we’re talking about here! This is the turning point. This is where you figure out if she is interested, if she is not, or if she is married! Not the last one hopefully. That will get messy.

3. Go on trips together. Since you have her number, maybe you can arrange the two of you arriving at the same destination or boarding the same cruise ship? Even better if you somehow win a free trip and invite her along! It is a gesture that tells people that they are important to you that you would share your blessings with them. Trust me, you and her will appreciate it better than your grumpy neighbors, your cranky mother-in-law, or your loud sister. (Sorry, sis.)

4. Give her a reminder. When you do meet up, make sure you have a gift on hand so she will think of you. Cruise relationships are long distance more often than not, so these little reminders are important. Try to get an appropriate one; no temporary gifts like chocolate or flowers. A souvenir from the place you two have spent time in is a great idea. Make sure to give it at the right time, too.

5. You must be sincere. This is probably the most important thing of all. Whatever you do, whether invite her to a trip, giving her that souvenir, or just plain chitchat, be sincere. More and more stories are popping up about men who use women in cruise romances. Make sure she can feel that you’re genuinely interested in her, not just her wallet or her body!

With these tips, you’re sure to make that shaky relationship stand on more solid ground. Love knows no boundaries, even distance, and it’s up to you to prove it! If it doesn’t work out, don’t despair, there are more chances. People have gotten together on cruises. You can too! Any experiences you like to share?

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5 Cruise Pickup Tips

I’m on a roll with cruises! Remembering my short romance made me remember the techniques I used to get a female companion while on a cruise. I’m no smooth operator, but these seem to work for me. If you’re going to be stuck on one alone, it’s really better if you get someone to hang out with and talk to, even if it’s non-romantic. Who knows? You might find the one for you on a cruise with these tips!

1. Breathe confidence. Sure, some girls like the shy, hesitant type, but you can’t really sense that right away. For most girls, the most important thing is confidence. Many women respond positively to it. Smile. Stand tall and move tall. Use confident strides. When trying to pick up a girl, act confident, but not too confident, lest you seem arrogant. She has to feel that you’re sure she’ll talk to you, and if you don’t, big deal. If she rejects, take it with grace and exit with your head held high.

2. Pickup lines? Who needs them? Unless you have an especially creative line that’s sure to work, don’t use them. They don’t work more often than not. Rely on more situational circumstances where those lines will actually work. Speaking of which…

3. Use terrain to your advantage. There are lots of ways to start a conversation. A great way to do this is when someone’s outside, on deck. If she’s leaning over the guardrail, enjoy the view too before approaching her. If she’s relaxing on the recliner, get her a cool drink if she runs out. If she’s tanning, don’t offer to put lotion unless you have enough balls! If you’re in a bar, standard bar rules apply. Are you in the buffet? Ask her if you can sit next to her or opposite her. Be sure she’s relaxed enough to accept your offer!

4. Talk about travel. Since you’re both on a cruise, use that as an opening line. Ask them if they’re enjoying themselves. Ask them if they go often. If both of you are cruise regulars, exchange travel experiences. I’ve met quite a few friends this way! Fellow travelers love to tell stories, so take advantage of that. Be sure to let her speak, too! And remember to talk to her face, not to her chest.

5. Know when to back off. It may be hard at first, but you should sense when the woman doesn’t want to talk to you any longer. When you see her look at her watch often when you’re talking, try to end the conversation. Watch out if she’s bored or unamused. Try to read her! If you leave without damaging your confidence, it will be easier to try for the next girl.

I’m not really a player, but I always look for a companion on a cruise, friend or more. It adds to the experience and enjoyment, since you meet someone new. How about you? What stuff works on a cruise?

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Cruise Romance

A perfect cruise trip: sailing along the seas, eating good food, taking in the sea air, watching birds fly overhead, sunbathing in the deck…and falling in love?

It’s becoming more common these days. Males and females, on the same luxury cruise, going for a fling. They sometimes even become serious lovers, with a much fewer number finally tying the knot. The two are together as long as the cruise lasts, getting to know each other, holding hands and kissing, perhaps even exchange cell phone numbers. Even the crew members get into it, flirting with passengers while doing their jobs.

Why am I talking about this? I recently got a text message from someone I had a short relationship with on a cruise in the Atlantic.

I won’t say her name, but she truly captivated me back then. I’m not ashamed to say that I was head over heels in love. On that boat, we did everything together, and I was sorry that it ended. We exchanged numbers before we got off, but I didn’t have the heart to call her.

I looked at the text message…and ignored it. A fling is a fling after all. That’s what I told myself. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

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