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Kiss and Make Up, or Hit the Road, Pal!

It seems like all the flurry of the month has gotten into my traveling buddies.

I point to something of interest (in the hopes that they would see that a particular architecture, painting, or scenery is majestically divine). I show them the latest traveler deals that I’ve managed to get my hands into (thinking that they might find the information helpful to them).

But, it seems futile.


Mainly because they see RED everywhere.

Meaning, they notice that there are actually lots of vendors selling bunches of RED roses. They see numerous cakes and other sweet stuff which are mainly adorned with RED decorations instead of noticing the other delicacies. To them, everything else seems to surround our world with this color.

They say that love is everywhere.

Well, I see RED, too.

But, in a different way.

I see the chaos of the world, and I wonder when this will ever end. (Mind you, I’m not trying to put up a peace crusade or something.) The world that I’m referring to is at one’s humble dwellings, or in one’s love life.

Thing is, it’s funny when females have this sort of PMS’s when it’s one of the most romantic months in the calendar.

Just when men feel a rush of those hormones, or they would like to touch their sensitive side and be as thoughtful as they can be, females like to declare war. And they think that they have every right to do so since the RED flag is up.

Makes me wonder if one would still like to pursue things because of that. Or, would it be better to have a peace treaty for awhile, or seek for personal refuge?

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