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3 Things To Do On A Cruise

I like being on cruises, even if it doesn’t have a specific destination. There are just so many things to do! Luxury cruise ships are becoming more and more like an actual resort than just a ship. So, what can you do on this floating paradise?

1. Get physical. Like a resort, you can play sports on a cruise. You can bowl, play tennis or badminton, engage in team sports like basketball and volleyball, and tee off in golf! Liners are even equipped with gyms with personal trainers, the larger ones even having a track and field on deck! Who says you have to gain weight on a vacation?

2. Eat well. Restaurants exist on luxury liners. From the upscale black-tie affairs to the family places where your kids can sit down and munch burgers, they have it all! Just balance this with the sports I mentioned.

3. Socialize! A lot of people are on the same ship as you. Why not talk to them? You can make a friend, find old classmates…or even meet the person you want to spend the rest of your live with.

There you have it! There are more things you can do on a cruise, but those are what I usually do. How about you? What do you do?

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My Natural Getaway!

I’ll Go Natural!


Hectic in San Francisco? Over-crowded in San Diego? I’d rather go to a tranquil place that provides the ultimate balm – an environment that is relaxed combined with a great dives and white sand for a luxury feeling but with a cheap price for a natural getaway.


I love to go for a cheap but first rate dive spots. Behold and enjoy dolphin and whale sightings. In addition to an experience to see hammerhead sharks that shoal around the clear waters. Cool!


For a nature communing activities on the luxury island that link me to natural attractions and natural activities like hiking, trekking, camping and mountain biking. It’s like am caught in the web of time travel. That is part modern and part tradition. Here, the people are so kind and accommodating. That is why time has been kind to its people too. People assimilate what we urbanites are enjoying without disregarding or without destroying the old, the luxury link to nature and tradition.



Gosh! Of all my travel, this is my first time to see a 16th century coral stone church. With an interior that has life-like murals painted on the ceiling. It’s awesome! With a well that can still be seen in the church. This is the main source of water for the people in the church vicinity and for those on a travel.


This is the real magic that is a link to nature or should I say a link to natural luxury.

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