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Disappearing Ink Printer

Science never ceases to amaze. According to, Xerox is experimenting with a new type of paper and printer. Documents produced using these fade away after 16 to 24 hours, making the paper re-usable again.

There is no actual ink used in the printer. The special paper is hit with UV rays, causing parts of it to change color; that is, the parts you want printed. You don’t have to wait for it to fade, running the paper through the printer wipes the colored parts away.

This is great news for a lot of people I know. A manager friend of mine prints a lot of documents that finds its way in a trash can before the day ends. It will save him and his employer lots of money on paper! No more spending money on ink, either. Of course, not all documents should be wiped, but this will be really useful when you only need it for a day.

I can think of quite a few uses for it in my house, myself. A shopping list is one. Just print before you set off. It’s probably not worth the cost though, since it has limited home applications. What do you think it should be used for?

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The Wave of the Future (Four Gadgets You Wish You Had)

Get it? Wave? Future? Hahaha! C’mon, work with me here.

I watched a James Bond movie lately and I thought of something. James Bond always has these cool gadgets to help him out, invented by Q. Pen guns, flying cars, rocket guns, everything he needs. And futuristic movies I’ve seen always have cool stuff that people supposedly invented. So I’ve put together my list of futuristic gadgets that I would love to have.

1. Time Machine – Who wouldn’t want a time machine? You can go back in time to see the dinosaurs up close (just not too close)! You could see Rome and Greece in all their past glory. Maybe even see the legendary Spartans, just to compare them to the ones in 300. Or you could use it to go back to yesterday and give your mother a present for the birthday you forgot, jerk. I wouldn’t mind having one, even if it was made out of a DeLorean. Many scientists say that it is truly impossible to travel to the past and the laws of physics only allow travel to the future, but who knows? Mankind always finds a way!

2. Virtual Reality – This already exists in some form, but what I want is full-on perfect virtual reality! Just put on a helmet or glasses and you just think what you want to do, and your virtual self will do it! You can even smell scents and actually feel what you touch in that world! It would be great for the date scene since you get to date without actually being there, or you can talk and hug your loved ones from far away. You can even be the star of your own virtual adventure movie! The possibilities are endless!

3. Teleporter – I think anyone can use this. Why take the bus to work when you can just teleport there? You can even work overseas while still living in your own house! Take your time in the mornings since it’s hard to be late for work if you can get there instantly. You can even take your lunch break in Paris and come back in time for the afternoon meeting! Too bad this may never happen, because there’s always a chance that not all of your body parts arrive at your destination. But like I said, who knows?

4. Electronic Contact Lenses – I saw this in a movie once. You wear contact lenses that display data right in front of you. No more checking your watch for time when all you need to do is look at the digital clock in your vision! You can even have your daily planner displayed there, or even view videos or surf the net! All you have to do is think what you want to see and it’ll pop up.

There you have it. Science just keeps moving forward, and one day all these gadgets may as well be real! Having gadgets makes people lazy though, but we can probably invent auto-exercise machines for that. 😉 How about you? What gadgets would you like to have?

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