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Overlooked Travel Must-Haves

Traveling is fun, although, there are some things that make that little trip into a vacation — things that have been overlooked, but when remembered provide that added comfort.  Here’s a little checklist of overlooked travel must-haves, for when you’re an on-the-go person.


First-aid kit, check.  You never know what manner of wounds or injuries you might get from cave adventures to running barefoot on the beach.  Make sure your kit has band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, antihistamines, antacid, gauze, anti-diarrheals, cough drops, eye drops, bug bite spray and some hand sanitizer. 


Rolls of toilet paper, check.  Again, you never know when you’re gonna need a roll, but remember, this could also serve to clean up tons of other kinds of messes.  For maximum convenience, there are rolls that actually DON’T have the little cardboard rolls in the middle.  This is a great way to maximize space for when you’re packing.


Plastic bags, check.  You’ll never know when you’re going to need a plastic bag.  You may need it to store some sticky souvenir, or, for when you’re disposing of some unneeded clutter from your pack.


Journal, check.  There’s nothing worse than coming home from a vacation and blogging about your trip with missing details!  Always keep a journal in check to write in the little stories that happen on your trip.

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