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My Top 5 Beach Babe Movies

I’ve got surfing on the mind again! I feel like heading off to Bali for a good holiday and surf, but alas, work and obligations force my feet to stay grounded in the good ole USA. So I thought of maybe rounding up some of my favorite beach movies would make me feel momentarily better.

These top my list!:

1. Blue Crush- Who cares if it’s a chick flick? It’s girls running around in bikinis and surf boards!- My Idea of heaven!

2.Baywatch- Ok ok, it’s not technically a movie but hot lifeguards more than make up for it being not!!! I can watch CJ run up and down the beach all day!

3. The Beach- I always envision myself just running away and living on a deserted beach! A girl who looks like Virginie by my side would not hurt either :p

4. 50 First Dates- Adam Sandler is a hoot. And the gorgeous Drew Barrymore is my idea of a girl with some meat ! 🙂

5. Charlie’s Angels: Full throttle- Again, Not technically a beach movie, but who can forget the scene where Cameron and Demi are surfing?!

If you haven’t see these movies, you’re definitely missing out! They’re a pretty good way to while a lazy afternoon! So until I manage to head down for a vacation, these will have to do!

Do you know a good beach movie that I’m missing out on? Spill the beans! 🙂

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My Natural Getaway!

I’ll Go Natural!


Hectic in San Francisco? Over-crowded in San Diego? I’d rather go to a tranquil place that provides the ultimate balm – an environment that is relaxed combined with a great dives and white sand for a luxury feeling but with a cheap price for a natural getaway.


I love to go for a cheap but first rate dive spots. Behold and enjoy dolphin and whale sightings. In addition to an experience to see hammerhead sharks that shoal around the clear waters. Cool!


For a nature communing activities on the luxury island that link me to natural attractions and natural activities like hiking, trekking, camping and mountain biking. It’s like am caught in the web of time travel. That is part modern and part tradition. Here, the people are so kind and accommodating. That is why time has been kind to its people too. People assimilate what we urbanites are enjoying without disregarding or without destroying the old, the luxury link to nature and tradition.



Gosh! Of all my travel, this is my first time to see a 16th century coral stone church. With an interior that has life-like murals painted on the ceiling. It’s awesome! With a well that can still be seen in the church. This is the main source of water for the people in the church vicinity and for those on a travel.


This is the real magic that is a link to nature or should I say a link to natural luxury.

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