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How to Travel Safely: What Your Hotel Wouldn’t Want You to Know

I thought that I travel safely for most of my pleasurable jaunts around the globe. That was until a close family friend of ours told me this information about what hotels are really like from the “inside.”I still remember our friendly conversation (of course, who wouldn’t when this just happened last week).

“You don’t want to know this.” That’s the first thing that was said to me when a friend of mine told me something rather unsettling.

I said “C’mon, you have to tell me. I hate secrets. You know that.”

“Yeah, but this will change your traveling life FOREVER.” That last sentence felt like I was in a comical suspense thriller clip, like a child wrapped up in a cozy blanket, getting ready to cover himself or scream out loud when the action or suspense arises.

And, if you know me, you could’ve imagined that piqued my interest even more.

When my friend finally told me the shocking news, I heaved a sigh and thought about my (initial) suspicions about hotels ever since I started my traveling life.

The news?

Well, let me ask you a question. How DIRTY do you think hotels are?

You would probably say no, hotels aren’t that dingy at all.

Well, most of the hotels are. Even those which are five-star hotels. It’s true.

And, if, like me, you probably missed the Internet information that has made many travelers quickly grabbing for their bottled waters in a tight grip to feel safer, here’s an official link which proves it.

Just key in the keywords “hotel videos” to see the list. The first one you should see is the video entitled Online Hazards in Hotels.

That’s not all.

That’s just the beginning of what I want to share with you.

What about pests that you think the pest control team in hotels usually take care of to ensure a good sleep to hotel patrons like you?

Well, these creepy crawlies are sometimes the first to go into your room before you do, and they make it as a sort of breeding haven for their own pest families.

And you thought you were safe, clean, and pest-free – having the time of your life living like a king or queen in those hotels.

(Please refer back to the link I suggested on seeing, and, this time, look for the video bearing the title, Hidden Hotel Room Dangers).

So much for the safety and cleanliness you wished you are being given in these vacation dwellings.

What should you do, then?

I have a few suggestions.

First, bring your own bottled water (if you can). Or, bring a dishwashing soap (with a particular germ-killing disinfectant) with you, and wash the things you are to use in these hotels before you even use them.

Second, check the hotel’s reputation and its take on health and safety for travelers like you. You may do a search on the health bureau about this.

Third, dust off your bed before you even lie down or sit on it.

Fourth, wear shoes, socks, or flipflops while walking on the carpeted floor of the hotels.

Fifth, don’t assume that everything is clean once you step in a room for the first time in a particular hotel. Double check your things and the things in your room, or clean them yourself.

I wonder… with all this information, shall you still stay and have a good night’s rest in these hotels? Or, will you rather opt to stay at a relative’s home instead?

For me, I’ll still want to stay in hotels. It’s a convenience since I travel a lot. But, I’ll just have to be more observant and particular when it comes to making me feel cleaner.

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