Crazy Flight Attendants

May 16, 2008 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

The airline industry is taking a turn for the worst. It’s something we probably all know by now, with the increasing oil prices and the shutting down of many an airline company. It’s not just the company that’s feeling the heat, but also the people who work for it. They’re no longer guaranteed to have a job six months from now. Maybe that’s why the flight attendants are getting a little loopy these days.

There’s a recent story about a flight attendant who, angry with his work, started a fire in the plane’s bathroom. Nobody was hurt, and the man is likely to be sentenced for 20 years. He said that he was mad at his current route, and originally planned to light up the paper towels in passenger’s faces.

Another tale I know, from a long way back, is where a poor passenger almost died. The attendant was in a bad mood and had put certain over-the-counter drugs she had snuck aboard in a rather cranky passenger’s food. The passenger reacted very badly to the drugs and went into shock. It was quick thinking from the other attendants that saved his life.

Maybe the airlines should invest in a shrink for these guys. We can’t have employees as possible threats to the passengers now, can we?

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