Princess Diana’s Case – Laid to Rest

April 9, 2008 at 1:28 am Leave a comment

I want to take some time away from my usual posts to talk about this news. After more than ten years since she died, a coroner’s jury ruled the death of Princess Diana and her lover and companion Dodi Fayed as gross negligence, not murder. This confirmed the earlier rulings since the start of the decade-long investigation.

The driver, Henri Paul, the deputy director of security at Fayed’s Ritz Hotel, was drunk at the time, having three times the legal blood alcohol limit, as well as twice the speed limit. Paul was trying to shake off the paparazzi vehicles following them. The combination of speed and alcohol soon killed off one of the most loved people in the world.

We’ve heard many instances of young lives dying due to someone drunk behind the wheel. This is but one of the many accidents caused by drunk driving, each death turning into a statistic as a warning to us all. A friend of mine was killed in the same way. He crashed into a guardrail, and died instantly, leaving his wife and newborn child behind.

Everyone should take heed: never be drunk behind the wheel, nor be in a car with someone like that. It will only end in tears one day.

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