My Top 5 Beach Babe Movies

April 3, 2008 at 3:38 am Leave a comment

I’ve got surfing on the mind again! I feel like heading off to Bali for a good holiday and surf, but alas, work and obligations force my feet to stay grounded in the good ole USA. So I thought of maybe rounding up some of my favorite beach movies would make me feel momentarily better.

These top my list!:

1. Blue Crush- Who cares if it’s a chick flick? It’s girls running around in bikinis and surf boards!- My Idea of heaven!

2.Baywatch- Ok ok, it’s not technically a movie but hot lifeguards more than make up for it being not!!! I can watch CJ run up and down the beach all day!

3. The Beach- I always envision myself just running away and living on a deserted beach! A girl who looks like Virginie by my side would not hurt either :p

4. 50 First Dates- Adam Sandler is a hoot. And the gorgeous Drew Barrymore is my idea of a girl with some meat ! 🙂

5. Charlie’s Angels: Full throttle- Again, Not technically a beach movie, but who can forget the scene where Cameron and Demi are surfing?!

If you haven’t see these movies, you’re definitely missing out! They’re a pretty good way to while a lazy afternoon! So until I manage to head down for a vacation, these will have to do!

Do you know a good beach movie that I’m missing out on? Spill the beans! 🙂

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