Bird Sh!t on Your Face and You Have to Pay for It!-Weird & Wacky Spa Treatments

March 7, 2008 at 4:32 am 2 comments

You’re all set to go on your long planned, much awaited spa vacation. Maybe you’re heading off to exotic Tugu or maybe adventure-filled Sydney! You’ve read your newsletters for deals and discounts, and consulted your forums for advice. You’re totally ready!You can smell your wonderful aromatherapy candles, feel the soothing massage on you’re back. Nothing strange, nothing freaky, just 100% stress-free relaxation…

Wait, wait wait!!! Hold that thought just a minute, and get yourself acquainted with these out of this world, scary, bizarre and just plain weird spa treatments! Don’t sign yourself up for these if what you’re after is your run of the mill spa-tastic experience. Relaxing?! Hell no! Intense is more like it!

1. Bird Sh!t all over you face AND you have to pay for itspa treatment too!!!– That’s right! This special facial made out of Nightingale poop is supposedly an old world secret from Japan. Supposedly used by Geishas to achieve that pearly-white, smooth complexion, nightingale excrements are said to be full of yummy enzymes really good for your skin! No sh!t?! Pun definitely intended.

2. A Barbeque Wrap- You, not your lunch dummy! –You start off this tantalizing journey with a thorough peppercorn rub. Then, you move on to a total body coating of paprika, cayenne pepper and tomato sauce. This is one delicious experience you don’t get to have everyday!

3. Cactus Massage- Forget the soothing hands that run across your back. The latest backrub these days involves spine-free cactus paddles and “pulque” alcohol, an extract from the agave plant, and a member of the tequila family. This will make one literal spine-tingling episode.
cactus massage

4. Ear-candling- Too lazy to clean your own ears? Let a candle flame do it for you! Ear-candling is an alternative medicine practice and spa treatment that claims to help in the natural cleaning of earwax and remove toxins. It is performed by lighting the end of a hollow candle, while the other end of the candle touches the ear’s opening. Ear-citing!

ear candling
5. Beer-pedicure- Who says beer is only good for drinking? Several spas have found out that beer enzymes actually moisturizes your skin effectively, making it a good solution for a pedicure soak. Of course, it’s totally up to you if you want to pair this up with a hotdog, a steak or some pretzels.

beer pedicure
6. Fanny Facial- If you only pay attention to your face, your derriere might get depressed. Cheer it up with the fanny facial, a combination body scrub, microcurrents for pimples down there, and sunless tanning all targeted for your bum. In a much different context, but the same message anyway- Bottoms up!

fanny facial
7. Snake Massage– I’ve saved the craziest for last! Here’s a scaly way to soothe out those kinks- 6 non-venomous but still hissy and slimy snakes slither across your back to caress your aching muscles and joints. People who have tried it out claim the massage is actually very effective and soothing. To each his own right? Just a word of advice, make sure those snakes don’t get any ideas of crawling into dark “cave-y” holes nearby!

snake massage

Happy Weekend!


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