Give the gift she’ll never forget: The Art of Blitz-Gift-Giving

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If there’s anything I’ve learned in the art of gift-giving, 3 times out of 5, the best gifts I’ve ever given are the ones that took effort to make, or orchestrate. In the art of gift-giving, it’s not enough to know what someone wants, it’s what you do with that information.

For preparing gifts for that special someone, we only have to have 2 things in our checklist.

  • First, basic knowledge of the other person. This could be knowing her favorite piece of art, favorite song, or even an inside joke that only the two of you know.
  • Second, be discrete. She doesn’t need to know that you’re cooking up something. When a birthday is coming up, these things are obvious: constant absence, taking private phone calls, (to conspire, of course) and her friends being weird. You don’t need that, she’d start feeling alienated or she’d think you were having an affair or something. Plan your gifts or schemes months in advance, and only let tight-lipped friends (a mix of yours and hers) know if you need their help. Now that we’re all set, here are a couple of sweet, creative ways to show your appreciation!

The bottle
– (a bottle, a ton of m&m’s) So your honey’s having a hard time at work or she’s been ill recently — this is the perfect gift to give! Take a bottle of her (or your) favorite sports drink, empty it, peel off the labels, wash it thoroughly and leave it to dry. Then, carefully open a pack of m&m’s and pick out her favorite color from the bunch and start filling up the bottle. As much as possible, do this in an airconditioned room, and use a utensil to separate the colors. You don’t want the candy shell melting now, would you? As an added twist, get a nice ribbon around the bottleneck, or insert a nice little message in between the m&m’s that she’d have to look out bowl

The fishbowl – (a small fishbowl, or, if this isn’t possible, a small box may suffice, a ton of paper) Having words of encouragement from a loved one is always nice for that natural high — the fishbowl is something that would take a lot of knowledge to make, and it is also a really sweet gift. Cut out a lot of strips of paper, this could be assorted, made from different colors or materials and could be just about any size. Write down sweet little encouragements on the strips of paper, or quotes from her favorite author, throw in a little picture of you, or you both, add some confetti, then dump them all in the fishbowl. Now when she needs to feel good about herself and you’re not in the vicinity, she could just pull out a folded or rolled strip from the fishbowl!

The sexy kidnap – (cooperative friends, a consent for leave, a surprise getaway) There’s nothing sweeter than playing hooky with your loved one. This one needs an elaborate plan to orchestrate. (Failing to plan = planning to fail) You may need to enlist the help of your friends, her closest friends, her boss (for consent) and a lot of ingenuity.

First off, ask her boss if it would be okay to drop by her office at some time during midday, plus if he’s fine with her leaving early. (proceed to A1) If a boss isn’t as nice or understanding, you could wait for her to get off work, or leave a note for her. (Done by copy-pasting different font letters to make up the message, kidnapper style. Proceed to A2)

  • A1: If her boss is okay with it, enlist her friends to wearing some silly disguises like fake mustaches then have them gesture pointy-fingers, (because toy guns, even fake-looking ones, are frowned upon in most buildings) make them go to her office at a specified time, “kidnap” your loved one (she’ll know it’s her friends anyway), blindfold her to take her to an unspecified location. (This could be the airport of your place.)
  • A2: An option would be to leave a note wherever she keeps her toothbrush that says, “I’ve kidnapped your toothbrush, a special getaway would be accepted for ransom.” She’ll be more than willing to pay that ransom.

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